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The Webtrees Manual is freely available for the benefit of users or administrators of the Webtrees Family Tree Hosting Software.

It has been written by the owners of the Underwood Family Tree Website, which was created using Webtrees Software. We needed a training resource for users, managers, and administrators of our own website.

Webtrees Manual IndexWhy Write our own Webtrees Manual?

We wanted visitors to our own family tree site to be able to find their way around easily, but more importantly, we wanted some of those visitors to register on the site, and we wanted some of those registered users to become managers and administrators to ensure the longevity of the site. In a perfect world, we would direct people to the software Wiki, but whilst the Webtrees Wiki is available in several languages, most of the English version of the Wiki is currently out of date or incomplete.

Is there a written Manual?

There is no written Webtrees Manual currently in print as far as we are aware, but you are welcome to print out any of the pages on this site or link them for your future use. If you are new to hosting your own website (or even if you’re not) you should also check out our Webtrees Resources page.

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