Webtrees Administration Index

Webtrees Administration Index

Webtrees Administration involves knowing every setting and configuration of your site including the settings Editors, Moderators, and Managers can make.

Most times, the Webtrees Webmaster. will also do the Webtrees Administration but sometimes the administrator and webmaster may be different persons. Some settings in this Webtrees administration section of the Webtrees Manual are more applicable to webmasters, and in these instances there will be further, and more in-depth information in the Webmasters section of the manual.

Webtrees Update

Webtrees Control Panel

    • Website

Webtrees Administraton Control Panel

        • Website Preferences
        • Sending Emails
        • Sign-in/Registration
        • Website Logs
        • Clean-up Data Folder
        • Server Information
    • Family Trees

Webtrees Administration Family Trees

        • Creating a Family Tree
        • Default Blocks For New Trees
        • Family Tree Settings (Data Fixes)
    • Users

webtrees User Administration

        • User Administration
        • Add User
        • Delete Inactive Users
        • Set New User Blocks
        • Sending Messages
    • Modules

Module Admin

        • Genealogy Modules
            • Menu Module
            • Charts Module
            • Lists Module
            • Reports Module
            • Data Fix Module
        • Website Modules
            • Footer Module
            • Tracking/Analytics Module
            • Theme Module
            • Language Module
        • Home Page Module
            • Blocks
        • Individual Page Modules
            • Tabs Module
            • Sidebars Module
            • Historic Events Module
        • Other Modules
            • Census Assistant Module
            • CKEditor Module
            • CSS/JS Module
            • Sitemap Module
        • New Module Creation
    • Media

Administering Media

        • Manage Media
        • Upload Media Files
        • Reducing Media File Sizes
        • Link Media¬† to Facts/Events
        • Import Custom Thumbnails
    • Map

Map control panel

        • Map Provider
        • Geographic Data