Webtrees Clippings Cart

Webtrees Clippings cart allows you to save a section of the family tree and to download that information as a gedcom file.

Webtrees enables families to hosts their family tree on a website, but you may sometime want to use one of the many proprietry family tree programmes on your own laptop or phone. Gedcom is the type of file used by all the different family tree software, so saving part of the Webtrees website into a gedcom file enables you to then install that file into your own software.

Using the Webtrees Clippings Cart

Webtrees Clippings CartIf the administrator has activated the clippings cart, and if you click on it when you are viewing someone’s family tree record, you will be able to add that record to the cart.

You will be presented with the choice of saving details of the person alone, or with his parents and siblings, his spouse and children, his ancestors, his ancestors and their families, or his spouses and descendants. Adding to Webtrees Clipping CartIf you see someone on the Webtrees site who is not in the software on your own computer, you can download details of that single person, or any combination of his descendants or ancestors.

Downloading Clippings from Webtrees Clippings CartOnce you have made your selection and clicked on the ‘Continue‘ button, the next time you click on the Webtrees clippings cart you can add another person’s record, empty the cart, or download what you have saved. If you select the download option there is a final window which applies privacy settings. Managers have the option to download all the details (including details of people who are still living). Other registered users may be restricted to those who have died. The file itself is downloaded as a condensed zip file. Unzipping the file reveals a gedom file and (if there are any) a media folder containing any images, all of which can be added to your own genealogical software.

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