Webtrees Moderators

Webtrees Moderators can edit various parts of the family tree, and their changes will be instantly approved and published. They also have the authority to approve, deny, or alter changes made by Webtrees Editors.

Webtrees Moderators

Pending Changes

Once Webtrees Moderators have logged in, they will see an additional ‘Pending Changes‘ link in the top menu at the top of the page if there are any changes needing moderation that have been made by editors.

Webtrees Moderators Top Menu

Clicking on the ‘Pending Changes‘ link takes you to a block (below) that lists all pending changes.

Webtrees Moderator Changes

From top to bottom, and left to right, the above image displays:

  • The name of the family tree that contains changes (‘Underwood’ in the above image, but some sites may have more than one tree).
  • The name of the person whose record has been changed (Octavious Underwood in the above example).
  • The part of that person’s record that has been added or edited (A note in the above example).
  • The person who made the changes (Test Editor in the above example) followed by the time and date the change was made.

Checking Edits

You need to go to the record of the person whose details have been changed, check the changes and:

  • Leave them alone – if you are going to accept them as they are.
  • Edit them – if you are going to accept them after your own edit or correction.
  • Delete them – if you are going to reject them.

Once you have done the above, then you should return to the list of pending changes again.

Acceptance or Rejection

After checking the edits, all pending changes should be accepted or rejected by clicking on the ‘Accept‘ or ‘Reject‘ button. If there are several pending changes, they can be accepted or rejected in bulk using the ‘Accept all changes‘ or ‘Reject all changes‘ button.

Finally, you should be courteous to the editors you moderate, and send them a message to let them know you have moderated their changes. This is done by clicking the user name of the person who completed the edit (above image) which opens a message box.

  • If you approved their edit, you should thank them, and tell them their edit has now been published.
  • If you rejected their edit, you should still thank them, but tell them why you have been unable to approve their edit, and suggest (gently and kindly) any ways in which their edits may be improved.