Webtrees Users

There are several categories of Webtrees users, and their use will differ from person to person depending upon what type of Webtrees user you are, and what settings the Webtrees administrator has made.

Webtrees Users

Webtrees Visitors

Anyone can visit a Webtrees site, but what they can see will differ from site to site depending on the settings made by the site administrator.

Access to some sites may be restricted to family members only, so unless you have registered and logged in you will not see anything described in this Webtrees Manual apart from a home page and a link to a registration/login page.

Alternatively, some sites may give full access to absolutely everything described in the manual apart from information about persons still living.

Most sites allow site visitors to access something mid-way between the two above extremes. Enough interest to whet your appetite enough to want to register and log in. Visitors who have registered on the site are known as members because in almost all cases they will be members of that family tree.

Our manual covers all the different types of Webtrees Users.

Webtrees Users Manual

Webtrees Members

The Webtrees Members can access everything a site visitor can access, and more. How much more will totally depend upon the setting made by the site administrator, and again this will differ from site to site. On almost all Webtrees sites membership is usually restricted to members of the family, and members may be eligible to become editors.

Webtrees Editors

The Webtrees Editors can access all areas of the family tree that members can access, but they can also edit details on the family tree. They can add information, delete information, or change information.

On a few Webtrees sites their additions, deletions, or changes may be automatically accepted and published as soon as they are made, but it is more usual for the changes not to be published until reviewed by a moderator. The decision whether or not to automatically accept changes is made by the site administrator.

Webtrees Moderator

The Webtrees Moderators have all the permissions of members and editors, but they also have authority to accept, deny, or alter, any entries made by Editors.

Webtrees Managers

Each Webtrees website can host several different family trees. A Webtrees Manager has the same permissions of Moderators, but in addition, they may also have permission to change some of the settings or configurations in their own particular tree.

Webtrees Administrator

The Webtrees Administrator has all the permissions of the Editors, Moderators, and Managers, but they can also change every setting or configuration of the whole website, approve users and user settings, and install additional modules.

webtrees publish a showcase of sites, and although you will see similarities, you will also find several differences made by the administrators.

The Webtrees Administrator will also be the Webtrees Webmaster in most cases, but occasionally on larger sites the Administrator and Webmaster may be different persons.

Webtrees Webmaster

Webtrees software is designed to display a family tree, but instead of residing on your computer, the Webtrees software resides on a hard drive (known as a host) in a data-centre with software (known as server software) that can serve it up to the internet when someone makes a request in their browser. The webmaster is the person who pays for a host and looks after the server software. In most cases this person will also be the administrator, but they don’t have to be. Where the rolls are split, the administrator looks after the Webtrees software, and the webmaster looks after the server software.